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Autism Spectrum Disorder is the fastest growing developmental disability in the world. Whether you are a first responder, teacher, nurse, parent of a child with autism, or you have been diagnosed with autism, you have the power to advocate for individuals on the autism spectrum.

you Might Ask How

Encourage your local government, businesses, and community service providers to provide autism safety training to their personnel. Autism awareness and understanding is not something that only first responders should be familiar with, all service providers should understand the unique challenges and needs of autistic citizens. 


Autistic citizens are too often misunderstood, which limits their opportunity to enjoy the full experience of life, such as participating in a public or organized community event, visiting a local park, taking a cruise vacation or travel by airplane. Please advocate alongside them by contacting local governmental agencies and businesses to request that autism safety training be provided for their personnel. Advocating together we can ensure citizens with autism are respected, appreciated, and fully integrated into society.

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Our mission is to enhance safety and understanding for those with autism by educating public safety and community service professionals on their unique needs.

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Partnering with government and nonprofits, we offer safety training for autistic individuals, focusing on practical guidance for children and adults.

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