Our primary purpose is to make the lives of people with autism safer and provide public safety personnel and other community service providers with a greater understanding of the unique challenges and needs of people with autism.

Who We Are

Our mission is to enhance safety and understanding for those with autism by educating public safety and community service professionals on their unique needs.

What We Do

Partnering with government and nonprofits, we offer safety training for autistic individuals, focusing on practical guidance for children and adults.

Become an Advocate

Whether you are a first responder, teacher, nurse, parent of a child with autism, or you have been diagnosed with autism, you have the power to advocate for individuals on the autism spectrum.

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Over 12,000 first responders across the nation have been proficiently trained in engaging and responding to individuals with autism.

Training Our Communities

Our Focus

To become the number one source and provider of safety training for people living with autism spectrum disorder and to provide a greater understanding of autism for all first responders and other community service providers.

First Responders

Training for first responders and agencies.

Medical Staff

Training for healthcare professionals.


Training for educators, faculty and schools.


Training for citizens and communities.

Autism Safety 101 in Action!

In the News

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Channel 6 South Florida Coverage

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